Not your average doughnut.


Legendary Doughnuts has 3 styles of doughnuts and one specialty doughnut......Legendary, Famous, Amateur and Doughsant!

(L) = Legendary - Our signature w/ fancy toppings & fillings

(F) = Famous - simpler toppings

(A) = Amateur - plain w/glaze or frosting

(D) = Doughsant - Doughnut Croissant filled, topped or plain


Legendary has many varieties of doughnuts with an ever changing selection daily. When you order from this website, it is best to call and place your order by phone ONE DAY IN ADVANCE at either Legendary Tacoma (253-327-1327) or Legendary Auburn (253-736-0036).  If you stop by and don't see your favorite, ask us to make it.  We always try to have a great selection, but there are times when we do sell out, or don't have  extra undressed doughnuts to decorate on the spot. Please order one day in advance to ensure you  get what you want.  Thanks so much for visiting our website.

Specialty Dozens:

Amateur Dozen
All Amateur Doughnuts

Mix and Match Dozen -

4 Legendary (including unfilled Doughsants),
4 Famous and 4 Amateur

Legendary Dozen -
All Legendary Doughnuts including unfilled       Doughsants (Doughnut Croissant)


Glazed Raised Rings

Homer Simpson (L)
Xtra large plain glazed

Plain Jane (A)
Just glazed

Captain Crunch (F) 
Vanilla glaze w/ Captain Crunch

Cookies and Cream (F)
Vanilla glaze covered in crushed Oreo cookies

Leonardo Da Vinci (F)
Vanilla glaze w/ a rainbow of sprinkles

Pig Pen (L)
Chocolate glaze with chocolate cookie crumbs and gummy worm

Shirley Temple (F)
Smothered in cherry glaze and white chocolate

Hot Cocoa (L)
Covered in chocolate, filled w/ whipped crème and topped w/ marshmallows

Elvis (L)
Peanut butter smothered all over and then topped w/ banana chips

Steve Urkel (F)
Glazed sprinkled with nerds

Tinkerbell (F)
Pink glaze sprinkled w/ sparkling crystals.  Fit for a princess.

S'more (L)
Dripping w/ chocolate, sprinkled w/ mini marshmallows, drizzled w/ more chocolate and finished w/ graham crumbs. You’ll be wanting s'more!

Albert Einstein (F)
Smothered in chocolate covered w/ coconut

Captain Jack Sparrow (F)
Topped with rum frosting, chocolate drizzle and white chocolate

Chubby Checker (F)
Glazed cinnamon ring or cinnamon sugar ring

Persian (F)
Glazed cinnamon roll

Dirty Doughnut (A)
Cinnamon Sugar

Cake Doughnuts

Bill Gates (F)
Rich chocolate cake w/ rich chocolate ganache, covered w/ dark chocolate shavings

Charlie Brown (L)
Chocolate cake smothered with peanut butter and drizzled w/ chocolate

Peppermint Patty (L)
Chocolate cake w/ peppermint chocolate butter crème and a Peppermint Patty

Sex in the City (L)
Chocolate cake smothered w/ chocolate ganache drizzled caramel and sprinkled w/ sea salt– Sinful!

George Washington (L)
Chocolate cake w/ chocolate cherry ganache and sliced almonds

Casper the Friendly Ghost (A)
Vanilla cake w/ powdered sugar

Scarlet O’ Hara (L)
Red velvet cake doughnut w/ dollop of creme cheese frosting, dark chocolate shaving 

Blues Bros (A)
Fresh wild blueberry cake

German Chocolate (L)
Chocolate cake smothered in German chocolate frosting

Sleepless in Seattle (L)
Chocolate cake covered w/ espresso glaze and sprinkled w/ chocolate covered espresso beans–You’ll be buzzing!

White Chocolate Raspberry (L)
Chocolate cake smothered w/ white chocolate, dolloped w/ a raspberry center

Blueberry Cheesecake (L)
Blueberry cake doughnut smothered on top with crème cheese.

Snow White (L)
Chocolate cake covered in white chocolate, dolloped with butter cream and candied pearls

White Chocolate Mocha (L)
Chocolate cake covered in white chocolate, drizzled w/ mocha and topped w/ espresso bean

Raspberry and Crème (L)
Vanilla cake, covered in raspberry glaze, topped w/ whipped crème

Double Chocolate (A)
Chocolate glaze on chocolate cake doughnut


Oprah (L)
Maple glazed topped w/ crisp bacon- This beats pancakes and bacon!

Snickers (L)
Covered in chocolate glaze, then topped w/ peanuts and drizzled with caramel

Maple Bar (A)
Simply covered w/ maple glaze

Chocolate Bar (A)
Simply covered  w/ chocolate glaze

Buttermilk Bars (F)


Yogi Bear (L)
Large glazed bear claw filled with peanut butter and jelly

Caramel Sea Salt Pretzel (L)
Raised dough twisted into a pretzel, drizzled w/ caramel and sprinkled w/ sea salt

Fat Albert  - Specialty
Extra-large ring covered in chocolate and sprinkled w/ M&M’s

French Toast (L)

Cinnamon ring topped with maple glaze

Tiger Tails
- Specialty
10" long rolled in cocoa powder and glazed

Fluff-A-Nutter (L)
Filled with fresh banana, peanut butter and marshmallow

Apple Pie and Blueberry Pie (L)
Pie filling deep fried inside then topped w/ whipped crème!

Peanut Butter Cup (L)
Chocolate and Peanut Butter filled, inside a glazed pillow and drizzled with more chocolate

"Narrows Stout Black and Tan"(F)
We have replaced the water with beer to create a delicious, rich, malty cake doughnut

Almond Joy (L)
Raised doughnut covered in chocolate, sprinkled with almonds with coconut creme in the center

Doughnut Cinnamon Roll (L)
Raised cinnamon roll topped w/creme cheese

Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll (L)
Raised cinnamon roll covered in caramel and pecans

Doughsant (unfilled plain or w/topping) (L)
Doughsant w/Filling - Specialty

Old Fashioned

Bourbon Street (F)
Dripping w/ bourbon caramel and toasted pecans

Lemon Coconut
Covered in lemon glaze and dipped in coconut

Old Fashioned (A)
Plain glazed

Dolce Pillow Doughnuts

Bill Cosby
– filled w/ chocolate crème pudding (L)

Bavarian crème filled (L)

Raspberry filled coated w/ powdered sugar (L)

Lemon filled (L)

Brandied cherry (L)

Peanut butter and jelly (L)

Coconut crème filled (L)

Banana Fosters – bananas and rum (L)

Blueberry Cheesecake - blueberry filling topped w/ creme cheese (L)

Cherry Cheesecake (L)

Raspberries and Crème (L)



Carmel Apple (L)

Blueberry (L)

Cherry (L)

Banana (L)

Cranberry – Seasonal (L)

Pumpkin - Seasonal (L)

Doughnut Balls
The perfect 2 bite - top or fill with your favorites

Small Bites
Mini versions of  popular doughnuts; fritter, persian, blueberry, chocolate and many more

Doughnut Dots
Small  1 bite holes - powdered, sugar cinnamon or glazed

Fido Doughnuts and Cannoli’s
Carob flavor doggie treats 

This is just a small sampling of what we have.  Come in to see what is new today or visit us on Facebook to see all our creative doughnuts and custom cakes.  Varieties change daily, so if you don't see your favorite when you stop by, ask, and we will do our best to make it for you! 

Call ahead 24 hrs. and we will have your favorites ready! 

For custom special orders, please order one day in advance. (see custom creations page)


Cold Drip Coffee
A 24 hour cold drip system/ less acidity, more caffeine, smooth and delish


Smoothies w/ real fruit puree

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Iced Tea

Arnold Palmer
1/2 iced ted 1/2 lemonade

Coffee on the Go
Holds a full 96 oz.  Keeps Coffee or Tea hot or cold for up to 3 hours.